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Catch a Star-Seasons & Sounds

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Illustrator: Morena Forza Board Book, 14 pages, 20 x 20 cm, Suitable for Ages 0-3

Description: A. Children will fall in love with listening to the sounds of nature. Each page features buttons with seasonal sounds and vibrant, bright illustrations, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in each season.

This series helps children joyfully identify seasons and weather, encouraging them to discover and appreciate the world around us.

Listen to Spring


Published in March 2023.


Chirp, Cheep

Twitter, Tweet!

The dawn chorus

Is here to greet!

Listen to Summer


Published in June 2022.


Squawk, Caw

Soaring high,

Swooping, scooping,

Seagulls in the sky!

Listen to Autumn


Published in September 2023.


Crunch, Rustle

Come with me,

I’m making a secret den

Behind a tree!

Listen to Winter


Published in November 2022. 


Crunch, Crunch

Through the snow with speed.

I’m following paw prints,

But where will they lead?

【Artist Bio】Freelance illustrator Morena Forza was born in Milan and currently resides in Italy with her two cats and a dog. She is a children’s book illustrator, and her work can often be found in picture books, educational publications, magazines, greeting cards, mobile app programs, and digital media. From 2003 to 2008, she worked as a pixel artist before transitioning to full-time illustration in 2009. She enjoys combining traditional materials with digital software in her creative process.

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